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TMS Process


The first step if you are considering TMS is to consult with your doctor. TMS is generally considered after several different antidepressant medications have been deemed unsuccessful or not well tolerated. Your doctor will need to send us a referral for treatment.


An initial appointment with Dr Saboisky to assess your suitability for the treatment will be arranged.


The first treatment session involves measuring your head to calculate the treatment position, and to find your motor threshold. To find the motor threshold, we stimulate the motor cortex on the left hand side, which causes a twitch in the right hand. The level of stimulus required to get a twitch is known at the motor threshold.


Once the motor threshold and treatment position has been established we commence the first phase of treatment. You relax in a comfortable reclining chair while we position the coil in the treatment position. 

A neck rest and earplugs are used (as the machine can be noisy), and we begin the stimulation. This process takes approximately 30 mins and during the acute phase, sessions are undertaken 5 days per week.


TMS generally takes 15-20 sessions before signs of its efficacy are seen. We will assess the response, and book you in for a review with Dr Saboisky. If there are signs of improvement, we continue in the acute phase for 10 more sessions.


By session 30, the response rate will be evident, and you will have another review. A maintenance plan is mapped out, with sessions tapering off as required.

Depression can be a recurring illness and ongoing maintenance is sometimes required. The amount of ongoing treatment and maintenance varies from person to person based on the patients previous history, and by closely monitoring their symptoms.


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