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Dr. John Saboisky

Dr Saboisky studied medicine at UNSW and opened a private psychiatric practice in Canberra in 1983. Working with both inpatients and outpatients for over 37 years has given him a broad and diverse clinical knowledge, including medico-legal work and forensic psychiatry. 

He was the Medical Director of Hyson Green for 24 years— which until recently was Canberra’s only private psychiatric facility, and for many years, chaired the ACT branch of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry.

With a special interest in treating refractory depression and bipolar disorder, Dr Saboisky has seen TMS move from clinical trials to a successful tool in the treatment of treatment resistant depression and refractory depression. Until recently, TMS was only available as an outpatient service in Sydney and Melbourne. Having witnessed its efficacy, Dr Saboisky wanted to make the treatment available to patients in the Canberra region.

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